Absolute Software And Solution Ltd.,Part

          Absolute Software and Solution was founded with the concept and objective to act as a service and advice provider as well as maintain an IT system for many companies, no matter your company will have only 5 computers or 100 machines. We will focus on our service and quickness at suitable price, in order to enhance your IT system to respond to your company’s growth in a competitive condition.

  Absolute Software and Solution will choose a suitable manpower with experiences in solving hardware problem, software, and network, including, installation and maintain server to act as a consultant and IT system maintainer of your company. Our services are both On-site and Remote.

     Absolute Software and Solution is engrossed to improve the knowledge and level up services for being a trustworthy and the first place you will think of when you have questions or requirements about IT system.

We are delighted and engrossed in growing with you as a:

  • Alliance :

      Like you have your own computer department without worrying about an absence of your staff or extra money, and overtime payment provided for full-time staff.

  • Source of Information :

      We are able to provide a useful and up-to-date advice to be a information for considering in every step about IT and communication system.

  • An Answer of IT System :

     Be able to satisfy the diversity of the needs of business. To draw the efficiency line of an IT system as a tool. To help your company firmly grow and be potential in competition with the flexible and reliable concept of IT solution management, with an investment budget you can control.

  • Consultant:

      For good foundation of IT system, therefore, there must be an investment plan to handle the future system. Absolute Software and Solution is pleased to join in planning and advising about equipment purchasing to be suitable with the laid plan and it must work well with the present equipment.

  • Products Supplier:

     Absolute Software and Solution is ready to be a supplier hardware equipments, software, network and providing software to develop IT system to be able to respond to the need of business.