Absolute Software And Solution Ltd.,Part


          Absolute Software and Solution was founded with the concept and objective to act as a service and advice provider as well as maintain an IT system for many companies, no matter your company will have only 2 computers or 200 computers. We will focus on our service and quickness at suitable price, in order to enhance your IT system to respond to your company’s growth in a competitive condition.

          Absolute Software and Solution will choose a suitable manpower with experiences in solving hardware problem, software, and network, including, installation and maintain server to act as a consultant and IT system maintainer of your company. Our services are both On-site and Remote.

          Absolute Software and Solution is engrossed to improve the knowledge and level up services for being a trustworthy and the first place you will think of when you have questions or requirements about IT system.

Our Services 

  • IT consult/advisor.
  • Computer Support. (Setup/Maintenance)
  • Computer Server Support. (Setup/Maintenance)
  • Computer Network Support. (Setup/Maintenance)
  • Wifi Hotspot System & Log Recorder. (Setup/Maintenance)
  • CCTV System. (Setup/Maintenance)
  • Electrical System. (Setup/Maintenance)
  • Automatic water pump System. (Setup/Maintenance)
  • Access Control System. (Door lock, Finger scan, Keycard)
  • Website & Mobile Website Devolopment. (HTML, Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Concrete5)
  • Web Application Devolopment. (PHP, Codeigniter, JSP/Servlet)
  • Mobile Application Devolopment. (Android)
  • Windows & Linux Web Hosting Service. (Support PHP,ASP.NET)
  • Domain name registration Service. (International Domain name [e.g.  .com, . net, .org] / Thailand Domain name [.th])
  • And more...