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Consultancy & IT Support

           IT system, nowadays, provides various innovations we can see everyday. Thus, choosing the best and suitable with the business of IT system must be easy to use, not complicated, and economise the budget. In reality, most of the people find out that to consider about using money to invest on IT system with limited information will hardly cause a worthwhile investment. Even, using the software that is not suitable with the computers in the office or choosing software that doesn’t fit with working objectives.
          The team from Absolute Software and Solution is always delighted to meet to provide an information and plan out an investment in IT system.On the business need basis, the team from Absolute Software and Solution is delighted to develop a competent IT system to support your business. You will find out that a competent IT system will be a tool to help your business growing steadily.
           Only you call our team to ask for the information about choosing an equipment, we believe that an information from our experiences will provide a good source of information before deciding and cause your investment worthwhile.
           For server machine purchasing, network system installation, and choosing software to use, we are pleased to do a quotation with advice and send to you to be an information for deciding on IT system development.
            Now, do you think your IT system investment is worthwhile and suitable for your business?

Mobile & Remote Support

          A service to maintain on site and remote IT system for every company, no matter you will have 2 computers or 200 hundreds. For the period of services providing depends on the situation of each work which mostly after the customers have informed through webpage, Absolute Software and Solution will immediately receive a message informed. Usually, we will go on the informed day or the latest is the next working day which is within 24 hours. However, in an urgent case, please call Absolute Software and Solution and we will specify when we can reach your company.
              For the case that can use remote type to solve the problems without sending technician in, we will use an up-to-date and safe security system for building remote connection from Absolute Software and Solution Office.

Trouble Shooting

              If you have an unpleasant experience about IT system problems including serve and network system, you need an experienced person who can check and solve these problems for you. If you are facing an IT system problem and are unable to fix them, please call us. With our service team of Absolute Software and Solution, we believe that we are the most suitable body for this job.

Server Failure

              We understand in crisis. In case of your main server doesn’t work, your business has to slow down. We have set a significance of this service to bring back your business to run normally as soon as possible. Absolute Software and Solution will try in every way to create the least effect to your business. Therefore, no matter how hard we have to deal with at night or weekend, we will bring your business back in normalcy.